Why do They Pay attention to They?

Why do They Pay attention to They?

Regarding feminine, a whole lot more lesbian women listened to him or her, with bisexual women and heterosexual feminine. This type of differences was indeed mathematically significant by sexual direction, as well as the pairwise comparisons.

Last, the fresh interaction between both people and you can lady was the quintessential-chosen account all of the sexual positioning organizations. Especially, alot more heterosexual female were focused on this new communication, followed by bisexual female and lesbians. Statistically extreme distinctions was received centered on sexual direction, in addition to ranging from lesbian female therefore the most other a couple groups (we.age., heterosexual and you can bisexual women).

About your cause for its attentional notice, the most widespread reason for heterosexual and you may bisexual women were to the need in order to “duplicate the fresh communication,” while having lesbian female it feeling a keen “destination to the woman” (see Desk 4).

Dining table 4 Differential studies of the reasons why women examine particular elements when seeing heterosexual pornography of the sexual direction

Likewise, heterosexual female were those who extremely justified its “interest with the man,” followed closely by bisexual women, and you may, so you’re able to a lowered extent, lesbian feminine. Regarding “appeal into the woman,” lesbian women displayed the greatest payment, followed closely by bisexual women and heterosexual women.

About your answer regarding “to-be such as for example him,” brand new rates were less than those individuals to many other answer options. Lesbians demonstrated the highest payment, that have bisexual feamales in another position, last but not least, heterosexual women. Out of “become such as their unique,” bisexual women presented the highest proportions, accompanied by heterosexual female and you may lesbians.

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