Allah’s Live messenger (may comfort getting upon him) said: Khaibar was destroyed

Allah’s Live messenger (may comfort getting upon him) said: Khaibar was destroyed

Abu Musa reported that Allah’s Live messenger (will get peace feel up on him) told you regarding one who emancipated a servant lady, after which married their, you to definitely to have him there’s two rewards.

They said: Live messenger out of Allah, we have been from inside the an effective county ‘How would you select your family?

Anas (Allah appreciate your) reported: I found myself resting at the rear of Abu Talha on the day from Khaibar and my legs touched the latest foot of Allah’s Messenger (age (to the people regarding Khaibar) if sunshine got increased and so they got determined aside its cattle, and had themselves come out with regards to axes, large containers and hatchets, in addition they said: (Here become) Muhammad and also the army. Verily whenever we get down on valley out of a people, evil is the morning of warned of these (al-Qur’an, xxxvii. Allah, the newest Regal plus the Wonderful, defeated her or him (new population off Khaibar), so there fell toward significant Dihya a gorgeous girl, and you can Allah’s Messenger (get peace become on your) got their particular inturn off 7 heads, then trusted their unique so you’re able to Umm Sulaim to ensure she might enhance their own and prepare their particular (having relationships) with him.

He (this new narrator) said: He was according to the impact that he had mentioned that so as that she you’ll spend her ages of ‘Iddah in her own (Umm Sulaim’s) family. Allah’s Live messenger (may tranquility feel on your) arranged the marriage meal including schedules, parmesan cheese, and you will delicate butter, and you will pits was dug and you will levels have been set in them dinner fabrics, so there try lead parmesan cheese and discreet butter, and they was put there. They told you: In the event the he (the new Holy Prophet) would make their own don the veil, upcoming she would getting a (free partnered) lady, assuming he would maybe not make their particular wear brand new veil, then she is a slave lady.

Together with someone consumed to their fill, and additionally they told you: We really do not know whether or not he (the fresh Holy Prophet) got partnered her (given that a no cost woman), or once the a servant lady

When he intended to trip, he generated their unique wear the brand new veil and you can she sat toward hind the main camel; so that they came to be aware that he previously partnered their. As they contacted Medina, Allah’s Messenger (could possibly get tranquility getting abreast of him) drove (their trip) quickly thereby we did. He (the newest Holy Prophet) endured up-and secure their. The guy (the latest narrator) said: We said: Aba Hamza, did Allah’s Messenger (get peace end up being through to your) very collapse? The guy said: Yes, of the Allah, the guy indeed dropped off. Anas told you: I also saw the wedding feast regarding Zainab, and he (the newest Holy Prophet) offered bread and you may meats to people, and made her or him consume to their heart’s content, in which he (the new Holy Prophet) sent me to telephone call someone, and as he was 100 % free (on ceremony) he endured up-and I followed your.

A few people was in fact kept in addition they was hectic when you look at the speaking and you can failed to get out (of flat). He (the new Holy Prophet) then proceeded towards the (brand new rentals from) his wives. He welcomed with while the-Salamu ‘alaikum to each one of them and you may told you: People in the household, how will you be? He would state: When you look at the an effective state. When he are without (it really works out-of investing greetings) the guy returned, and i came back in addition to him. So when he achieved the entranceway, (the guy located) that one or two dudes were still active for the talking. Incase they saw your having came back, it endured up-and went; and by Allah !

Really don’t know if or not I had informed your, or there was the truth to help you your (on the connect with) they’d gone. The guy (the new Holy Prophet) then returned and i returned including him, so that as the guy place his step on the new tolerance from their doorway he installed an effective curtain ranging from me personally and you can your, and you can (it absolutely was at this juncture) you to definitely Allah revealed which verse: (“O you just who trust), do not enter the households of the Prophet unless of course permission is made available to ‘you” (xxxiii.